Stephen Schwab

Welcome and thanks for taking the time to view my online portfolio. I live in rural Hunterdon County, NJ with my wife and three kids near the village of West Portal which grew around the West end of the Pattenburg/Musconetcong railroad tunnel. I have been a professional model maker since 1986. Starting off in an architectural model shop then moving on to an industrial design shop, I finally went out on my own sculpting, designing and modeling figurines for the gift-ware and collectibles market from 1994 to the present.

My experience with molding and casting has given me insight into how much detail can be faithfully modeled in an original "master" which is then used to create an original mold for reproducing quality cast pieces. I like to push the boundaries to achieve a higher level of detail and give every sculpture a level of distinction that helps to make it stand out.

While I have branched out and tested other career options, my true desire and abilities lie with sculpting, modeling and designing. Much of the work shown here was contracted by clients looking for an experienced sculptor/designer to help bring their ideas to fruition. Many of these pieces were designed with the intent to reproduce them using silicone rubber molds and then casting solid, one-part resin pieces which would then be hand painted.

Whether you are in need of a sculpted original master, a one-of-a-kind detailed model or a limited edition run of cast pieces, contact me to talk about your particular project and how we can bring it to reality. Click the Featured Galleries Link "Resume" below, for contact information.

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